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**The conference has been approved for 11 CRM Maintenance Credits


The CRM Examination Preparation Workshop will help candidates prepare for the six tests by identifying the core subject matter to study for each Part and to review relevant resources to ensure you develop a successful test taking strategy.


Elevate your skills and competencies to the highest level of standards in the RIM profession; standards that do not lose their relevancy in the midst of changing technologies.

Whether you wish to pursue the CRM credential or enhance your current level of RIM/IG knowledge, the SW Region's CRM event provides the best in basic and advanced RIM/IG training.  Need more convincing?

  • CRMs are well sought after in the market place, salaries continue to be elevated, with current surveys showing a 31% increase over non-CRMs.

  • CRM credential provides a strong foundation of core skills and competencies for the RIM/IG professional.

  • CRM exam covers everything from general management principles, all aspects of recordkeeping from creation, management, control, storage and disposition, through in-depth areas of recordkeeping technologies.

  • The continuing education requirements that come with being a CRM ensure that professionals remain current in their skills and competencies and can assist organizations in the deployment of successful RIM strategies.


Extend your knowledge and enhance your career by attending the 2015 Southwest Region CRM Conference hosted by the Dallas Chapter of ARMA International.

ARMA International Dallas